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Celcom Home Fibre Home Passes Summary Q2 2018

Celcom Home Fibre has been popular lately in Sabah. Here's a summary of home passes in different districts of Sabah. There's a total of 28384 home passes currently, don't worry if your district is not in the list more

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Celcom Home Fibre FIFA World Cup 2018 DOUBLE-Speed Promotion

FIFA World Cup 2018 is around the corner! Celcom is rolling out their new campaign featuring 'DOUBLE SPEED' during this grand event of the world. This campaign is effective from 14th June 2018 until 24th July 2018 more

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Celcom Home Fibre Promotion Re-Extended Until Further Notice!

Following the end of previous Celcom Home Fibre promotion, Celcom is re-extending the same offer until further notice! more

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Celcom Home Fibre Promotion Extended to 30th April 2018!

Following our previous post on Celcom Home Fibre promotion for Q1 2018, Celcom is extending the offer until end of April (30th April 2018). The offer prices will be the same, nothing new; Lowest entry from RM120/month for 10Mbps plan. more

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Preloaded Sabah Districts for Celcom Fibre Coverage Check

We have noticed surges of coverage search for Celcom Home Fibre with our free coverage search tool. We're glad that people love our tool! To ease your searching, we have preloaded the coverage data of all Sabah districts more

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Celcom Home Fibre Broadband Promotion Extended to 31th March 2018!

The offer is available only to package 20Mbps & 40Mbps. The price slash makes Celcom Home Fibre the lowest entry in town, at 40Mbps the cost per Megabit/s is as low as RM3.50/Mbps. Of course this is unfair when comparing to other providers as they provided some other value added service e.g. IPTV, free calls etc; if you're into internet usage only, Celcom Home Fibre broadband might suit you! This deal from Celcom Home Fibre is more appealing that the price slash is permanent once you subscribed the package within this promotional period more