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Revision of Early Termination Fee For Unifi Broadband

March 17th, 2018 21:52 Unifi Termination, Home Fibre

We have been informed that Unifi has revised its early termination policy that from 19th March 2018 onwards, new customers who subscribe to unifi and pre-unifi (streamyx) packages will be subjected to a penalty fee of the remaining months should the service be terminated within the contract period.

Comparison between the current and new early termination fee.
Product Current Policy New Policy
Unifi Customer will be charged RM500 for early termination within the contract period Customer will be charged the remaining monthly fees(based on actual price before discount) for early termination within the contract period
Pre-Unifi Customer will be charged RM600/RM500/RM350 for early termination within the contract period
Examples for calculation of incurred penalty fee in case of early termination.
Subscription Price Price Before Discount Remaming Contract Period Incurred Penalty Fee
Scenario 1:
Customer subscribed Unifi Lite at RM129 per month
RM129 RM129 12 months = RM129 X 12 months
= RM1548
Scenario 2:
Customer subscribed Unifi Advance at RM179 per month after discount
RM179 RM199 10 months = RM199 X 10 months
= RM 1990
  • Revised early-termination penalty policy to be based on the remaining contract period x package price before discount.
  • Applicable to new registrations from 19th March 2018 onwards.
We have updated our Unifi page to reflect this.