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TM Unifi Bonanza Promo for Q1 2018 Ending Soon

March 29th, 2018 14:35 Promotion,Unifi Unifi Bonanza, Home Fibre

TM Unifi was having a series of Bonanza Promotion since end of last year, including their Bonanza Promotion for Q1 2018. We're informed that the event will be ended by 8th April 2018. However TM Unifi will be having another campaign for Q2 2018! So stay tuned for more news!

unifi bonanza q1 2018 ending soon
Fig.1 - Unifi Bonanza Announcement

Let's wrap up alittle on the current promotion pricing for Unifi Bonanza Q1 2018 from the screenshot below. We're looking forward to some awesome deals from Unifi soon!

unifi bonanza q1 2018 price table
Fig.2 - Screenshot from HSI Unifi Page