Demand List

Ever feel depressed when you can't enjoy the sweeeeet high speed fibre connection without coverage in-place? Or fibre ports are no more? The idea is by gathering your demands so we could have a better bargain in term of serviceability!

Why Demand?

We know your frustration.

No Coverage

Fibre coverage is still very limited, your area might not be serviceable by any of the fibre broadband providers.

Port Full

Your address has ran out of fibre port, therefore you can't get your hands on high-speed fibre connection.

Inferior Wireless

For some reason you can't take the performance of wireless broadband.

How this works?


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Breakdown by States. Last update: October 19th, 2019
State Total Demands No Coverage* Port Full** Completed
Johor 29 28 1 0
Kedah 8 7 1 0
Kelantan 2 2 0 0
Melaka 8 8 0 0
Negeri Sembilan 12 12 0 0
Pahang 5 5 0 0
Perak 13 11 2 0
Pulau Pinang 23 23 0 0
Sabah 29 29 0 0
Sarawak 3 3 0 0
Selangor 33 29 2 2
Terengganu 1 1 0 0
W.P. Kuala Lumpur 1 1 0 0
* Address has no coverage.
** Address has coverage, but fibre port is unavailable due to saturated ports usage.

Gather the Masses

Gather demands from your area.

Say your area/taman is highly anticipating fibre broadband coverage, signing up to our demand list channel your voices to our lovely providers.

Your voices will not go unnoticed!

These providers will eventually notice them IF there're reasonable amount of demands. Make sense?

Hopefully they make haste in effort of expanding their reaches.

A better bargain your voices.

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